Meet the Team


Owner and Founder (bit of design/web and marketing as well)

Unlike the picture above that looks so serious, I am a laid back guy who loves his family and just happened to become a HUGE Dolphin fan in the early 80's.

Like I said I have been a fan of the Dolphins since 1981, I have done my time... ive listened to the Armed Forces Radio desperately trying to get a signal, I watched Marino play at Wembley in the American Bowl and I even lived in America and had a season ticket for a bit.

Let get this right though, I bleed the Dolphins, I have 2 Dolphins tattoos, my number plate is 13 NFL and I must of collected over 3k First Down magazines from the 90's and now I run the Twitter fan club for them that I created 5 years ago, humble beginnings to now having 9k followers and a YouTube channel coming soon!.

They are my team through thick and thin, the bad and the sometimes ugly, but one thing that never stops is the passion.

Hope you enjoy the feed, our YouTube Channel thats coming soon and the discount and special promotions we offer for Dolphins fans.


Hi my name is James and I’m a Miami Dolphins fan.
Co-contributor, YouTuber and soon to be Dad!

A sentence that in 2016 would fill you with pride. Now in 2019, I should really start off by saying, ‘Hi my name is James and I’m an official tank supporter’.

I first started watching NFL in the 2015 campaign. A friend of mine introduced me to the sport, he sat me down one Sunday night and talked me through the rules. We watched 3 games back to back until the early hours of Monday morning. One Sunday lead to another, and then another. Soon I was so hooked on the game, I was researching the rules and histories at work! He then told me to stop watching random games, and pick a team. That way I could truly invest in the game. One Sunday I was watching Miami and Ryan Tannehill in particular. My friend said to me ‘this guy is trash, he’ll never make it’. I was determined to prove him wrong, so I picked Tannehill, and more importantly the Dolphins.

The 2015 campaign saw 2 head coaches and a very up and down season, I spent most of the season enjoying the circus that is the NFL.

Then 2016, Miami’s first playoff game in 8 seasons. A season that started poorly and then we went on a 6 game winning streak. That season I knew I had become addicted to Miami. Christmas Eve I’m at home watching the Miami vs Bills game, my wife forces me to go out at the end of the 3rd quarter to the pub to socialise with friends. I get in and realise the tv isn’t turned on, I ask the guy behind the bar to put the Miami game on, he agrees. All my friends are stood around me having a chat about their lives, and I’m on the edge of my seat celebrating like I’ve won the World Cup when we got a field goal kick in OT. This game.

Since then, every Sunday during the season, no matter what I’m at home watching Miami with my packet of crisps, it’s routine. It’s comfort. It’s religious.

I’ve seen Miami live once at Wembley but my aim in life is to travel across the pond and be there at Hard Rock Stadium, just for one game.